Weekly Market Summary – Week 21


US stock market index Dow Jones trades in the upper zone of the channel pattern and we have
seen a selling pressure whenever the price tried to touch the upper line of the channel.


Gold has successfully broken out of the flag pattern and shall continue the uptrend. We may see
gold surpassing its previous ATH(All Time High) in the month of June 2021.


As per our previous 2 week’s reports, correction was due in Bitcoin and overall crypto markets. As
per the below channel pattern, Bitcoin is trading on the support levels and may see a bounce back from here.


Ether had a supply zone between 4k-4.5k, It saw a selling pressure right in the supply zone and
corrected around 59% in the last 2 weeks. Ether bounced back right from the support of the
channel pattern.

In conclusion…

The Dow Jones Index appear in supply zone and may see selling pressure in coming week, on the
other hand Gold has broken out and crypto markets are back to the buy zone, If the stock markets
crash, we may see further selling pressure in crypto markets else we may see recovery and Bulls
shall dominate in June 2021


Below tokens look strong and may outperform the markets in the coming week.

ENJ, Mcap – $1.3 Billion
ENJ Formed a bullish engulfing candle which shows that Bulls have come back ferociously after
the previous week correction

ADA, Mcap – $52 Billion
ADA broke the resistance against BTC and retested the support last week, It has potential to
outperform Bitcoin in coming week

XMINT token by MintingM looks very attractive, It took support at $300 and bounced back to $600
and now trading around $450 levels

STF token – XMINT listed on Wazirx has consistently outperformed other financial assets and
delivered extraordinary returns for its investors.

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