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PUSH Token Report – 31st Mar ’23

Push Protocol, which was previously known as Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS),
serves as the communication protocol for web3. With the help of the Push protocol, Dapps,
wallets, and services connected to wallet addresses can send and receive cross-chain
notifications and messages in an open, gasless, and through a platform-independent manner.

The PUSH token is ranked #750 with a market capitalization of $12.5 million. The current
market price of the token is $0.38 USDT

The PUSH/USDT chart has broken out of the triangle pattern on the 4-hourly time frame. The
token gained nearly 36% in terms of volume traded in the past 24 hours. We could expect the
positive momentum to continue throughout the next few days.

MintingM Rating – 3.5/5