Dusk Network Research Report


The Dusk Network is a privacy blockchain focusing on the issuing of digital assets, with the goal of automating trade compliance while protecting user privacy and auditability.

The CMP of Dusk on 7th  January is $0.75

What is Dusk Network?

Dusk Network describes itself as a blockchain for programmable and private assets, with Zero-Knowledge proofs and a new Private Point of Sale (PoS) leader extraction-based consensus mechanism. Dusk Network is a financial blockchain with a focus on anonymity. It’s a layer-1 blockchain that supports native secret smart contracts and powers the Confidential Security Contract (XSC) standard.

What is Zero Knowledge proofs?

It is a way of enabling one party to prove to another that a (typically mathematical) assertion is true without disclosing anything other than the statement’s truthfulness.

Why Dusk Network matters and its problem-solving capabilities  

The use cases and value of DUSK, which include providing a private and secure environment for enterprise-grade financial services and its XCS standard for tokenizing security assets, give it a distinct identity. Enterprises, as well as the network’s commercial partners, may issue and manage tokenized assets in a highly secure and private environment that delivers a permission-less blockchain with Dusk Network.

Users may also enjoy transactions with privacy features and near-instant finality on the DUSK Network, which is the first blockchain infrastructure to enable confidential native smart contracts that allow privacy. The whole network is designed to take advantage of the potential for financial applications and services to be adopted by businesses.

Use cases:-

  • Confidential Smart Contracts:- The Dusk Network is the world’s first blockchain with built-in private smart contracts. This allows parties to take use of our extremely scalable infrastructure (one of the fundamental advantages of public blockchain) while maintaining the security of their data. In other words, businesses may utilize the secure smart contracts with confidence, knowing that their transactions will remain secret and safe.
  • Zero Knowledge Utility Token:- Most blockchains disclose spending patterns, balances, and other sensitive data with the whole network in an unencrypted manner. Enterprises have been hesitant to use public blockchain solutions because of the lack of privacy. The Dusk Network directly tackles these privacy problems. Advanced cryptographic primitives are used in Zero-Knowledge Utility Tokens to ensure that data transfer is private, safe, and secure. Use cases like digital identification / self-sovereign identity become a distant reality thanks to this layer of secrecy and the adaptable zero-knowledge proof system PLONK.
  • Smart Bulletin Board:- Smart Bulletin Boards may be used to connect eligible buyers and sellers of security tokens in an indirect manner. If both parties agree and an agreement is reached, they may execute the trade trustlessly on the Dusk Network blockchain utilising the XSC-based security token contract to settle the transaction instantaneously. Eliminating intermediaries and market friction while providing new opportunities for shareholders to sell their stocks at faster and more equitable prices.
  • Self-Custody:- The ‘XSC’ Security Token Contract, which regulates security tokens on the Dusk Network, is built to optimise security while minimising fraud and theft risks. Shareholders have the option of exercising self-custody and relying on a variety of safeguards. One of these safeguards is the use of whitelists, which enable only registered and thoroughly vetted people to trade security tokens. Other safeguards include the capacity of the issuing business to freeze and force-transfer ‘misplaced’ security tokens at their discretion, as well as threshold and multi-signatures enabled by wallet software.


The native token of the dusk network is DUSK. Out of a total of 1Billion DUSK tokens, there are now 389Million in circulation. The capped maximum supply of DUSK indicates that there is a restricted number of coins. Many cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, employ a fixed maximum supply to control the long-term value of tokens. A restricted supply functions as an anti-inflationary mechanism, keeping the overall quantity of DUSK tokens under control and preventing inflation.

Competition Analysis 

DUSK is disrupting a multi trillion dollars financial services industry. Above Image shows the competition and their size in terms of the team size and Revenue. Dusk is currently sitting at a market cap. of $286Million, Revenue of $4.7Million and team size of 24 people. We can expect more players catering to this space and will have the potential to grow depending on their execution capabilities as the whole industry is at the size of an ocean. Dusk has a early mover’s and cutting edge technology stack to their advantage

Team, Media & Community strength

Inventor of the Segregated Byzantine Agreement consensus technique and the Dusk Network blockchain. Author of the whitepaper on the Dusk Network, Emanuele Francioni (Tomtom, Commerzbank, and Vitrociset) has spent 20 years working on Byzantine Fault Tolerance systems, distributed computing, sensor networks, and cryptography in R&D, tech leadership, and software development. He co-authored four patents with Fulvio in the areas of IoT, sensor networking, positioning systems, and blockchain. At Dusk, Jelle Pol is in charge of operations. He began his career with Mendix, an aPaaS platform recently bought by Siemens. He went on to play a crucial role in the Technical Innovation department at Shell, where he formed the blockchain team, after learning what it’s like to work for a startup.

Dusk Network’s the social media family is growing gradually. They have over 38.4K followers on Twitter and 9.9K in telegram in just over 4 years. They were frequently featured in news articles in 2021. The last article was about how the dusk network opened a $5,000,000 grand program.


DUSK Network is a leader in enterprise-scale financial services, providing a distributed financial market infrastructure with strong privacy. As a result, DUSK might serve as a stepping stone for businesses to implement blockchain-based financial services.

DUSK might become one of the most significant initiatives in the distributed finance sector, with near-instant finality and a wide range of forthcoming features and financial services. Because of the relevant utility and powerful technology, the price of DUSK tokens may climb in the long term.

The DUSK Network’s worth is based on its technical capabilities, the project’s technology, and its utility. These factors determine the intrinsic, or real-world, worth of DUSK as a project, which frequently differs from its market value. The market value of DUSK, being a tradable token in the cryptocurrency market, is susceptible to frequent and drastic variations.

The intrinsic value of DUSK, as well as its market value expressed in price, may increase as demand for financial services available on the DUSK Network grows, which is how the real value of the project can be reflected in the market price of DUSK in the future as the project grows in adoption and mainstream use.

MintingM rating for Dusk Network: 3.75/5

Criteria Score 
Industry 3.75
Opportunity Size 4.00
Competitive advantage 3.75
Tokenomics 3.50
Team 3.75
Overall Score 3.75